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Rocky Mountain Horses, Kentucky Mountain Horses, Mountain Pleasure Horses and American Gaited Mountain Horses are carefully born, raised, and trained at Real Horse Farm

We are a family farm that is located in the mountains of East Tennessee. We have had Mountain Horses for over 16 years. Bloodlines have always been one of our passions; we have mares who are the direct daughters of Choco, Maple's Squirrel, Kilbourn's Chocolate Sundown, Choco Dock, Chocolate Venture, Sweet Choco, Storm Warning, Johnson's Toby, and several other well known stallions.

Good disposition is always our first priority when breeding, followed by gait and then looks. We love to show; most of our mares are either World or International Champions, or are the dams of World or International Champions. We have exceptional breeding stallions that are the epitome of the breed. We always have horses of every age available for purchase.

Our "for sale" riding horses are trail ridden several days a week, both by themselves and with groups of horses. We pride ourselves on matching a person's personality to the horse's personality.

We highly suggest that you come visit us for an extended time and ride daily through the mountains of East Tennessee. Come find your next best friend at our farm, or just come to learn more about these amazing Mountain Horses.

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Why The Mountain Horse?

The Mountain Horses have been preserved in the Appalachian area for centuries by dedicated horsemen who appreciate the Mountain Horses’ natural gait, kind temperament, willingness and hardiness.

These gentle Mountain horses were the foundation of the American gaited horses and breeds known today as the American Saddlebred and the Tennessee Walking Horse. They are still prized for their unique abilities both on the trail, cross country, obstacle and show competitions and all-around good sense. 

Real Horse Farm is proud to own and raise excellent representatives of this amazing breed!