We at Real Horse Farm are very proud of our breeding program. We have a amazing herd of broodmares and gifted stallions.

The stallions that are crossed with our mares are carefully picked. We work very hard to ensure the stallion and mare  complement one another in every aspect.  This results in a baby with an excellent gait, temperament, and color.

Please notice that many of our stallions are World or International Champions or have champions in their pedigree. This helps ensure a quality stallion because consistent wins demonstrate that the horse meets the breed standards. These top notch traits must passed to the stallion's offspring; if they are not then the stallion is quickly removed from the breeding shed. Each one of our stallions is tried and true. Their foals are gentle, smart, well-gaited, and beautiful.

We will pasture breed, live cover, or SHIP SEMEN. Please contact us for more information. We offer a live foal guarantee (the foal must stand to nurse to be considered live). Each of our stallion's breeding fees are $500. The cost of A.I. is in addition to the $500 breeding fee.

Harvey's Ol' Blue Eyes

Harvey is registered RMH.

Harvey's Ol' Blue Eyes is a five year old cream stallion. His sire is McGuire's Ghost (grandson of Maple's Squirrel) and his dam is Pretty Sock (granddaughter of Maple's Squirrel). Harvey is a very gentle, loving stallion. He is a pleasure to spend time with because of his kind heart. He loves attention and loves people. He is very smooth and is so much fun to ride! He is wonderful on a trail. He would also be great in the show ring.Harvey is the "total package". He is gentle, smooth, has great conformation, and will make foals with unique colors.




Mama's Diamond

Mama's Diamond is registered RMH and AGMH.

Mama's Diamond is a 7 year old gray stallion. His sire is Venture's Black Fury (son of Chocolate Venture) and Rebel's RocksAnn (daughter of Rebel Rock). Diamond has a smooth, four beat, trail pleasure gait. He is one of the most laid back individuals on the planet. He is so gentle and we feel comfortable putting first time riders on him in the right location. Diamond is 15 hands. He is a World Champion and a wonderful trail horse. Providing your mare does not have a red gene, there is a 50/50 chance that your foal could be gray.

Sweet Choco

 Sweet Choco is registered RMH, KMSH, and AGMH. 
Sweet Choco is a 23 year old son of Choco Dock and Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea is the dam of several other International Champions, and Choco Dock is world famous. Sweet Choco is 15.2 hands and is chocolate with a flaxen mane and tail. He was the first riding horse we bought when we got into Rocky Mountain Horses in 1996, so literally everyone in the family rode him, including the young children. Sweet Choco is very gentle to ride, but has a motor at the same time. He has a big heart and will never quit. We have ridden him literally over thousands of miles of trails. Sweet Choco is the stallion who is the foundation of our breeding program and we own many of his offspring. He sires very smart, willing horses that have exceptional gaits. Sweet Choco has sired several International and UMH Champion horses, but in my opinion his foal's greatest talents are on the trail. Sweet Choco has a red gene.

Sweet Choco passed away this summer. We will miss him terribly. He has been a mainstay of our farm since his purchase in 1996. He taught us all how to ride and how to become better horsemen. He was always a gentleman, both with his mares and with us. We will miss his kind eyes and sweet, wonderful self!





RHF Tough Call

Tough Call is registered RMH AND AGMH.

Tough Call is a 8 year old chocolate stallion. He has double silver dapple genes. (If your mare is black then you should have a chocolate foal. If your mare is bay you should have a red chocolate foal). He has a wonderful disposition (very level headed) and a big high Classic Pleasure step. Tough Call is sired by Ace Chocolate Cheesecake (dam of Mercy Me) and Sweet Choco's Sensation. Tough Call's half sister is RHF Mercy Me. She is one of the most winning mares in the Rocky Mountain Horse breed. Tough Call's foals have his excellent conformation and personality. He is The photos shown are by Bob Langrish.






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  • we are looking for a mare that is black with a white mane and tail. Do you have one or do you know where we can find one. Thanks for your help. I know that they are hard to find but my husband wants one so bad that he is just going crazy. We have a stallion and one mare that we can breed. She comes close but not quite there. Can you help.
    Jan and Russ Preuss Sr   

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