These are many of mares that we have at Real Horse Farm. We love them so much! Each of the mares has been specifically chosen based on her disposition, gait, bloodlines, conformation, and the kind of foals she produces. At Real Horse Farm,  we focus on our mares because a foal is a 50/50 combination of sire and dam. Do you like one of these mares? Please email us to see if they are available for sale.  


Heart of Gold

Heart is a 15 year old mare that is by Barlow Chief. She is 14.3 hands and is chocolate. She is a tremendous producer. Two of her foals are World Grand Champions-PR Man of Gold and Heart of Motion. Her other foals are also tremendous–they have gone on to make very good breeding and riding stock. Below are some of her foals.

RHF Benjamin Franklin

Below: Heart's Delight (owned by Rockin Ridge Farm)

Below: RHF Benjamin Franklin (owned by Van Bert Farms)

Below: VBF's Heart of Motion

Below: Heart in Motion (owned by Kelvin Robbins and Dolly Pierson) (Heart of Motion and Heart in Motion are full siblings)


 Below: This is Barlow Chief, Heart of Gold's Sire


Pretty Melody

Pretty Melody is a beautiful red chocolate mare who is by Barlow Chief and Magic Bum's Melody. She is beautiful on the inside and out! She is a wonderful producer. Her daughter, VBF's Pretty Woman, is a World Grand Champion mare. Her other foals are really tremendous in their conformations and gait, as well, but have never hit the show ring. Below are some of her foals.

Below: Meritage My Guy (owned by Meritage Farm)

Below: Meritage Cloud Nine (owned by Meritage Farm)

Lady Princess

Lady Princess is a big black/bay mare who is by the much loved Ramblin Rex. Her dam is Dixie Bell. She was born in 1991, so her days of breeding are coming to a close. Lady Princess is a spicey girl and throws that to her foals. We are really excited about her daughter, Venture's Fairy Tale Princess, who is a 4 year old this year. Lady Princess always makes World Grand Champions if her foals happen to show. Her most well known son is Totally New Venture (World Grand Champion). Another well known daughter is CD's Crown Jewel (World Champion and UMH High Point Award winner). Her foals are always very well gaited and have alot of fire and spunk, which we makes them very fun to show and handle.

Below: World Grand Champion Totally New Venture (owned by Rockin Ridge Farm)

Below: Park Avenue (owned by Rockin Ridge Farm)

Below: Meritage New Adventure (owned by Van Bert Farms)

Below: Cd's Crown Jewel (owned by Jill Drenik)

VBF's Thunder Struck

Thunder Struck is a chocolate twelve year old mare that is by International Grand Champion/Sam Tuttle Award winner Storm Warning, and out of Durbin's Dream. Durbin's Dream is by Amigo Blue, and is a granddaughter of Johnson's Toby. Thunder Struck is a super sweet mare and she makes very sweet babies. Her oldest son is EMDee's Play Free Bird, who won alot of conformation classes as a youngster and is a favorite trail mount by his current owner. Her oldest daughter is RHF Now or Never, who is owned by the Obrien Family. Now or Never is a World Champion and two time UMH High Point Award winner. She is a major competitor on the show circuit. We have a younger filly by Thunder Struck that we like alot. Her name is Happily Ever After. We are really looking forward to Thunder Struck's next foal, who will be by Mama's Diamond.

Below: RHF Now or Never

Below: EmDee's Play Freebird (photos courtesy of EmDee Mountain Horses)

Shiloh's Sundown Brandy

Brandy was the first Rocky Mountain Horse that we ever purchased. That was in 1996. Brandy is a beautiful chocolate mare who is by Foundation Sire Kilbourn's Chocolate Sundown. Her dam is Nance II. She has as old of bloodlines as you can find. Brandy has made many beautiful foals for us, almost all of them have been chocolate fillies, two of them were sorrel fillies, and two were colts. We sure do love our sweet Brandy! Brandy is approaching her twenties, so this year's will be her last foal. Below are two of her other foals.

Below: RHF Derby Dame

Below: Dawn's Early Light


VBF Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden was born on March 3, 2001. She is a big sorrel mare. She was Derick Tipton's favorite broodmare for a time. He broke her out himself and said she was extremely naturally gaited. He said she never paced or trotted. Her dam is Lady Laddie and her sire is World Grand Champion and International Grand Champion Triple S Iron Man. Iron Maiden has two siblings who are World Grand Champions. Their names are Proud Lady and PR's Smokey Mountain Man. Her other sister is the dam of World Champion Jake's Mirror. Iron Maiden has had two beautiful foals for us, and we are looking forward to more in the future.

Below: RHF Madeira (owned by Color Splash Ranch). Madeira is such a special girl. She was broken out as a two year old filly by her owner Taryn Obrien. Taryn is 14 years old. 


Below: RHF The Duchess


VBF Contessa

Contessa is a beautiful black mare. She is by He's a Bad Cat, who is by Stoner Ridge Tom Cat. She is Grade Mare. She was born in 2003. She is one of our sweetest mares! I just love how she always comes to visit us when we go in her field. She has had two beautiful babies for us. We absolutely adore her. She is a very secial girl.

Below: This is Contessa's oldest daughter, RHF Gems and Whims

Miss Kit's Destiny's Child

"Demi" is the daughter of the most winning mare in the breed, Hall's Miss Kit. Her sire is our very own Sweet Choco. We raised and showed Destiny, and then she was sold to our friends at Big Cove Ranch. They trail rode her quite a bit and had two beautiful foals by her. They sold her back to us when they decided to stop breeding. We are so happy to have her back! Demi has always been one of our favorites. She is very sweet and loving…she prefers to live in a stall…she is rather spoiled! She has produced two amazing foals, and we are looking forward to more. Demi was the United Mountain Horse 3-4 Year Old Park Pleasure Reserve Champion. She is also a really fun riding horse with alot of zing.

Sudden Locomotion
Sudden Locomation is the daughter of International Great Sudden Impact and Triple S Fancy Dress. She is black and beautiful! She has a sweet disposition and really is very smart. She is 15.3 and 5 years old. We absolutely adore her foals.She is the full sister of VBF Triple Impact, a two time World Champion stallion.

Below is a photo of Triple S Fancy Dress (owned by Van Bert Farms)

Below is a photo of Sudden Impact (owned by Mark and Vickie Smith)

Sweet Summertime

Sweet Summertime is absolutely the sweetest thing ever! She is the daughter of one of our favorite stallions, Sweet Choco, and one of our favorite mares, Ace Chocolate Cheesecake. Summertime is the sister of the World Grand Champion mare, RHF Mercy Me. Summertime was born and raised on our farm, and we have adored her since the day she was born. She made a gorgeous buckskin filly two years ago.



This is her filly from 2009, RHF Indian Summer, photo by Bob Langrish



Dixon's Charisma

This is a black mare named Dixon’s Charisma. If you want a horse with an amazing pedigree, this is your horse. She is by the champion Hit the Big Time and a mare named Calamity Jane. Calamity Jane is Sewell’s Sam and Johnson’s Toby’s granddaughther. Hit the Big Time is one of the most beloved stallions on the show circuit. He has won numerous classes and is so beautiful he is jaw-dropping. Charisma is five years old, and had quite a bit of riding experience before she was bred. She has a great disposition and is a fireball under saddle.


Ima Warning

Ima is a chocolate mare by International Champion Storm Warning. Like many of her field mates, she absolutely loves people. This mare has made several World and International Champions, including Silver Creek Code of Honor and CD's Countdown to Victory. She has a cream gene. She is a really good size, not too big and not too small.


This is SC Code of Honor. He won the Mountain Pleasure Conformation World Grand Championship, the United Mountain Horse Conformation World Grand Championship, and was Reserve Conformation Grand Champion at the Rocky Mountain Horse International Show. He is a Lifetime Breeder's Cup Stallion.

Below: RHF Viva La Vida

Meet Virginia

For many years people consistently heard from the announcer, "And first place is Meet Virginia!" She has won too many championships to count. She won in the professional, amateur, and juvenile divisions. She was truly an all around show mare. Virginia is one of our most favored riding horses. She is red chocolate, big, and beautiful. She was truly a force to be reckoned with in the show ring, and we expect her babies will be as well. Virginia is by Old Smokey.

 Virginia with her Juvenile Rider, Stephanie

This is Meet Virginia's son, RHF Journey. As you can see, he is her carbon copy! We can't wait to see what he will be like under saddle!

This is Meet Virginia's son, Thomas Jefferson. He is by Chocolate Venture. He was the 2011 United Mountain Horse Yearling Colt World Champion, and the 2011 United Mountain Horse Yearling World Grand Champion. Thomas Jefferson also won the 2011 United Mountain Horse Yearling Colt High Point Award (wow!).

Cedar Hill Honeybee

Honeybee is one of the few remaining mares by Choco. She is thirteen years old and is 15 hands tall. She has noble carriage. Honeybee is the mother of International and World Champion VBF's Jaded. Honeybee has a very, very good disposition, and has the looks to match.


Below: VBF Jaded (2007 Rocky Mountain Horse International Weanling Grand Champion)



RHF Isabella

Isabella is an eight year old chocolate mare with a white mane and tail.She is around 15.3. She is the daughter of International Champion Storm Warning and Bella B. Walker. Bella B. Walker is Belleventura's sister. Isabella is such a sweet mare and helped keep Stephanie sane during her time at University of Kentucky. Isabella did quite well in the show ring, both in conformation and under saddle. Her real talents lie in her disposition, however. No horse can nuzzle better!!

 Isabella in a conformation class as a yearling. Boy she was gorgeous!



Unbridled is a direct daugther of Foundation Sire, Maple's Squirrel. She is red chocolate and is twenty years old. Her breeding days are ebbing, but we don't mind because she has been one of our best mares over the years. All of her babies are smart, friendly, and gorgeous. They always sell quickly. Two of her best known foals are VBF's Whistling Dixie (World and International Champion) and RHF Twilight (World Champion).

Below: RHF Timeless Tradition

Below: RHF Twilight (2010 UMH Weanling Filly World Champion, 2011 UMH Yearling Filly World Champion, 2011 UMH Breeder's Cup Yearling Filly Reserve Champion)

 Below: World Champion Whistling Dixie

This is Unbridled's sire, Maple Squirrel (Foundation Sire)


RHF She's a Homegrown

She's a Homegrown is a four year old filly by Cheyenne's Lady Midge (daughter of Barlow Chief) and Homegrown (son of Chocolate Venture). She is a chocolate and has a big pretty blaze. She has a very, very sweet disposition. She's a Homegrown has two half siblings (by Lady Midge) that are World or International Grand Champions. Their names are Number One Warning and Cheyenne Warning. We have not bred She's a Homegrown yet, and may not for another year or two, but we have great hopes for her foals in the future.


Chocka Bell

Chocka Bell is a 20 year old chocolate mare by Choco Dock and Celebration Champion Liberty Bell. Bell has been with us since 1997. We have loved her and we love her babies. She has a very solid presence, and is absolutely beautiful in the pasture. She has made the following World and International Grand Champions: Hawk's Touch, My Maria, RHF Belleventura, Bell's Luck of the Draw, RHF Bella B. Walker, and RHF Belladonna. We adore her and she will have a home for the rest of her long life.

Ace Chocolate Cheesecake

"CC" was the first baby born on our farm in 1997. She had a halter on her the first day and was Stephanie's first horse she halter broke, and was the first person on her back. We tried to sell CC as a young horse, but she misbehaved every time someone came to look at her…finally we gave up, and boy are we glad we did! CC is a mainstay at her farm. She makes amazing foals every year. Her most well-known ones are RHF Mercy Me and SC Prince of Spades–both are World Grand Champions.

Below: World Grand Champion Prince of Spades (owned by Eddie and Rebecca Monhollon)

Below: World Grand Champion/Natural Vet Triple Crown Award winner RHF Mercy Me


Below: RHF Tough Call




Cimmarron Wind
Cimmarron Wind is a bay mare by the International Champion Storm Warning and World Grand Champion Shannon's Autumn Strider. She is the half sister of World Grand Champion Autumn Venture. She is a truly awesome mare and we are thrilled to have her in our breeding program. She makes unbelievable babies…and with blood like hers how can you go wrong? 



Below: Forever Changed, Cimmarron Wind's brother

This is her sister, Autumn Venture, who was the 2009 UMH Trail Pleasure World Grand Champion.



Sweet Red Mercedes

Mercedes is the daughter of Hall's Miss Kit and Sweet Choco. She was my little brother's show mare for a long time and took him to many victories. Now she is a wonderful broodmare and a great friend. She is also an absolutely awesome trail horse. Her oldest son, RHF Orlando, won the 3 Year Old Stallions and Geldings High Point Award last year. We have high hopes for her foals in the show ring in the future.
RHF Tuesday Morning
RHF Out of Africa
The black horse is Orlando, Mercedes's son. (Also seen in video below- check him out!)



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