Big wins at the shows!

Congratulations to RHF Mercy Me and ST Tipton on winning the Natural Vet Triple Crown! The Natural Vet Triple Crown is a very prestigious award. The recipient must win the Grand Championship of his/her division at the UMH Spring Premier Horse Show, UMH Kentucky State Horse Show, and UMH Summer Celebration Horse Show. There has only been win other winner of the Triple Crown since 2004, which was when the program was started. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful, big-hearted mare and such a gifted trainer!

Congratulations to RHF Twilight, RHF Thomas Jefferson, RHF Now or Never, Blaze of Glory, and Venture's Black Fury on their wins at the United Mountain Horse Ladies Auxiliary Horse Show. All of these horses are sired by our stallion, Chocolate Venture. We also own the dams of RHF Twilight, RHF Thomas Jefferson, and RHF Now or Never. We have siblings of these horses that are available for sale. We also have daughters of Venture's Black Fury that are for sale.

Congratulations to RHF Mercy Me on her win in the Mare's Classic Pleasure Class at the Bourbon County Fair. She was also Reserve in the Classic Pleasure Championship!

Are you interested in how we train our young horses?

Then watch the YouTube video below! Each of our weanlings is trained to load in trailers, pick up feet, lead, and do every obstacle on our challenging trail obstacle course. This strong foundation as young horse is critical–this training will make each a better trail horse as an adult because they were taught at a young age to manage and handle new situations.  

The two fillies in this video are RHF Sweet Caroline (chocolate with the sock) and RHF Welcome to Paris (red chocolate). We have sold RHF Sweet Caroline, but RHF Welcome to Paris is for sale for $1,500.  For more information on this stellar filly, please see the Yearlings For Sale page.  




VBF Know Who I Am Sam (gorgeous bay mare by Sam I Am) would like to congratulate her daughter, Dock's Velvet, on her 3 big wins at the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse show this weekend. Also, congratulations to Velvet's owner, Mary Lipginski and her trainer Kevin Kiper! Please check out Know Who I Am Sam on our Mares and For Sale Under Saddle pages.

United Mountain Horse Spring Premier

The Spring Premier horse show was a blast!! Yes, we did have 15-20 miles per hour winds on Saturday and the temperature was in the 50's and it was raining, but we still had a WONDERFUL time. The show was extremely well run. Vera's food at the concession stand was delicious, and we had so much fun catching up with friends that we haven't seen since last year. Did I mention all of the horses looked amazing?! 

RHF Twilight won the Yearling Fillies class. RHF Now or Never (owned by Taryn Obrien) won the Juvenile Classic Pleasure 12-17 class and the Juvenile Equitation class with Taryn–we were so proud of them! RHF Mercy Me won the Ladies Open Classic Pleasure class, Mare's Classic Pleasure, and…THE CLASSIC PLEASURE GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP! 

On the cusp of show season

We are now half way through March, and the first show is going to be in Asheville, North Carolina on April 1st. Everybody at our barn is so excited that show season is almost here. We have been working our horses in training for almost 2 months and the horses are ready to go. There is something about show season that makes it the best "season" of the year. It is a time to see horse show family (people that you have shown with for years), ride smooth and gorgeous horses, and watch the horse talent that the Mountain Horse breeds have to offer.

What a great day

I am attending Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine in Alabama. It is certainly a long way from home and my husband and I frequently end up home sick. Vet school is also an overwhelming amount of work. There are many days where it takes everything I have just to get my horses fed (I board two in Auburn). Today, however, was an amazing day. I had a big exam this morning, but this afternoon was all mine. I brought my two beautiful mares into their stalls and groomed them. Then I rode one of them. She was absolutely AMAZING. Riding her reminds me how good life really is…she is so smooth and fast. She has an awesome head set and always pricks her ears. She steps as high as the rail. What a blessing it is to ride such a beautiful horse. Riding her reminds me what a blessing it is to attend veterinary school, as well. One has to live for the "little moments" in life.


This is a testimony that one of our clients, Michael Stapleton, wrote for us. He bought VBF's Getting Jiggy With It in August.

We were very pleased to find out that the horse we purchased from Real Horse Farm was everything we were told and more.  After being in the pasture for 5 years we were able to trailer her to North Carolina and that night we put a saddle on her and rode her in the ring. For a horse that has had very little time under saddle and new to a stall she has done extremly well. The thing that we liked the most was her gentle nature. She enjoyed the attention we gave her right away. I never felt scared with her in the least bit. We feel lucky to have her as part of our stable. We bought this horse sight unseen based on Stephanie's word. Jiggy proved to be more than we expected. Thanks Real Horse Farm for your love of horses and the gentle way you raise them. Michael Stapleton (nephew of Jimmy Carter, President)

Ten Days Under Saddle

I spoke with a very nice lady yesterday on the phone. She owns the son of Brandy's Miss Priss, which is one of our mares, and Venture's Black Fury. She said the colt had been under saddle 10 days and acts like a 20 year old broke to death gelding. She said his gait is amazing. Wow. Aren't Rocky Mountain Horses special? How many other breeds would have a horse under saddle for 10 days and have it be so completely calm and easy to handle? 

Fall Foals are Here!

Congratulations to Know Who I Am Sam and Chocolate Venture on the birth of a bay filly. This filly has already been sold.

Congratulations to Unbridled and Chocolate Venture on the birth of a gorgeous chocolate filly. This is the full sister to World Champion RHF Twilight and half sister to World Grand Champion Whistling Dixie. Buy her now. She won't last long.

Congratulations to Lillianna (daughter of Johnny B Walker) and Chocolate Venture on the birth of an awesome chocolate stud colt. A combination like that would be hard to turn down!

Congratulations to Candy Kisses (daughter of International Champion Choco Dock) and Sam I Am on the birth of a pretty red chocolate filly.

Congratulations to Fisher's Princess (daughter of Blue Mountain Rumbo) and Sweet Choco on the birth of a gorgeous chocolate filly.

Congratulations to Isabella (daugther of Storm Warning) and RHF Train on the birth of a beautiful chocolate filly.

Congratulations to Linnie (direct daughter of foundation sire Sam) and RHF Train on the birth of a gorgeous chocolate filly.

Congratulations to Sudden Locomotion (daughter of Sudden Impact) and Sam I Am on the birth of a pretty red chocolate filly.

My Amazing All-Around Trail Horse

Every time I get on one of my mares, Belladonna, I fall in love all over again. Let me start from the beginning.

Belladonna was born at our farm almost 5 years ago. She was the cutest little baby ever. As Belladonna grew up she has won World and International Championships and is well liked on the show circuit. However, she really shines on the trail. I competed her at an American Competitive Trail Association ride this summer…Donna did absolutely amazing. I have her in Auburn, AL with me this winter. I went trail riding with some friends on Friday at a state park. Their horses are around 16 hands (Donna is 14.3). She had to gait the majority of the ride (12 miles) to keep up with their walks. The other horses also cantered and galloped. My wonderful, special Belladonna did the same! Not only are her gaits smooth…her canter and gallop are too! My goodness! I just adore my horse!

Thanksgiving is a time of…Thanksgiving!

What an amazing time of year that is upon us! We are blessed to live in a beautiful part of the country…nothing is more beautiful than a sunrise/sunset. We are blessed to have such amazing horses…I don't know about you, but these horses give me peace. There is nothing more wonderful than looking out your bedroom window over the horses in the pasture. I currently go to Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine in Auburn, AL and have two of my favorite mares with me in Auburn. I get so much peace from cleaning their stalls and feeding…and of course the riding! πŸ™‚

We are thankful that the horse market is finally coming back. Our economy will always be unstable, and our money fears will always be present…but PLEASE don't let that keep you from enjoying a horse that you have always dreamed of. Go ahead and buy a Mountain Horse. They have a wonderful re-sale value, but more importantly—Mountain Horse give peace! It is so truly wonderful to get on that smooth, steady horse and ride! If you worry that a Mountain Horse is too expensive for you, please go ahead and contact us. If you want a Mountain Horse we will see to it that you get one, regardless of the amount of money you have to spend.

Fall is in the air…

It is so nice to go from 100 degree weather to 70 degree weather! Trail riding time has come! It is so wonderful to get out on a Mountain Horse and enjoy the beautiful fall scenery…from pretty pumpkins in fields to gorgeous leaves falling from trees. What a tremendous blessing it is to trail ride! Did I mention how wonderful it is to own a Mountain Horse? πŸ™‚ They have smooth, even four beat gaits, wonderful dispositions, and are drop dead gorgeous.

Real Horse Farm Horses were amazing at the United Mountain Horse World Show!

RHF Train (son of Chocolate Venture and Hall's Miss Kit):

1st-4 Year Old Stallions and Geldings Classic Pleasure

2nd-4 Year Old Classic World Grand Championship

1st-Groom's Class

RHF Mercy Me (son of Ellie's Eli and Ace Chocolate Cheesecake)

1st-Amateur Classic World Grand Championship

1st-Men's Classic Pleasure

4th-Classic Pleasure World Grand Championship

RHF Twilight

1st-Weanling Fillies Conformation

2nd-Open Weanling Grand Championship


2nd-Mares Country Trail Pleasure

Numerous other placings in the juvenile classes.

RHF Mama's Diamond

2nd-Open Pleasure Driving

RHF Now or Never (owned by the Obrien Family)

2nd-2 Year Old Fillies Classic Pleasure

1st-Regional Juvenile Classic Pleasure

WOF Rockin Andi (owned by Mary Lipginski)

Several big wins and reserves at World, and a Grand Championship win at the Mountain Pleasure World Show

***Rockin Andi is the daughter of Penny, a Real Horse Farm Mare. Her two year old sister is offered for sale by Real Horse Farm.

Also, Chocolate Venture would like to congratulate Venture's Black Fury on being the Versatility Award Winner, and Smith's Mr. Goodfellow on winning the Classic Pleasure World Grand Championship.

Back from Kenya

I have just returned from a 2 week stay in Kenya. It was a veterinary mission trip. Kenya is a beautiful country and the people are very nice. I was really impressed with the health of their animals over there. The largest majority of them are in very good condition considering it is a 3rd world country. It was interesting to observe a few basic differences. The average person in Kenya owned sheep, goats, and donkeys, but did not own a horse. Horses were reserved for the wealthy. The horses that were there were mainly Thoroughbreds, but not the racing stock like you see in the states. And—there were TONS of zebras:)

What an opportunity—here in the states we do not have to be wealthy to own horses, and we are blessed enough to have gaited horses!
I had the opportunity to ride a Thoroughbred at a local resort. It was a nice, well-trained horse, but it made me very thankful for my Rockies. Rockies are much easier going and have such better dispositions. When I was on the horse I was more concerned about its behavior than the 6 giraffes that my group and I were riding by.
My trip to Kenya was an absolutely amazing experience that I will never forget. However, it was also very nice to wake up in my own bed and go feed my Rockies and then spend quality time with them.


Congratulations to Real Horse Farm Horses!

Congratulations to RHF Mercy Me on her win in the Park Grand Championship at the Tennessee State Championship Horse Show. She also got Reserve in the Park Grand Championship at the Great Smokey Mountain Championship Horse Show.  Also, congratulations to our other blue ribbon winning horses, RHF Train and RHF Belladonna (she won 4 blue ribbons).


United Mountain Horse Show in East Tennessee

We are really looking forward to the horse show that will be held in White PIne, Tennessee on July 16th and 17th. It will be held at Walters State Community College. This show is going to be put on by the Southeast Mountain Horse Club. The show starts at noon on both days. There is going to be an amazing turnout in caliber of horses. If you live within one hour of Knoxville, TN, then you should definitely come to the show!



UMH Kentucky State Horse Show

We had a wonderful time at the Kentucky State Horse Show. There was a huge turn out of exhibitors and spectators. Many of the classes had well over ten horses. Real Horse Farm horses did very well at this show. With classes as large as they were, we were pleased to get high ribbons. Here are a few horses that did extraordinary.

RHF Dealing in Absolutes (photo above) won the Weanling Colt Class. He is a major candidate to win the UMH World Championship Weanling Champion. He is for sale for $3,500.

RHF Gunslinger (photo above) was the Reserve Weanling Colt Champion. He too, is a major candidate to win the Weanling Colts class at the UMH World Show.

Sam I Am (photo above) won the UMH Country Trail Stallions and Geldings class, and then he won the UMH Country Trail Grand Championship. He is owned by Carol and Clint Woods. Sam I Am is an awesome stallion with a wonderful, docile disposition. He works hard to please his owner, and he has a very smooth gait. His foals are always really calm natured. Below are a few of his foals that are available for sale.


RHF It Figures (Red Chocolate Yearling Colt–$1,500)



RHF Round of Applause (Red Chocolate Yearling Filly—$2,000)



 VBF Know Who I Am Sam (7 Years Old, Awesomely Sweet Bay Broodmare—$5,000)




Venture’s Black Fury (photo above) won the Versatility Award at the Kentucky State Show. He also won several other prestigious classes. Fury has a willing disposition and every time he is ridden he will catch your eye. He has a really natural gait and always has several awesome babies in the show ring. He is owned by Emdee Mountain Horses. Below is one of his offspring that is available for sale.


RHF Amarillo Sky (Red Chocolate Yearling Filly–$3,000)


**Please stay tuned for more show updates.

Costs and Benefits

There are many people in the world today that are wanting a Rocky Mountain Horse, but sometimes they are not sure what type of horse to buy (mare, gelding, etc.), and have limited funds. I have a made a simple cost/benefit sheet.

2 Year Old Rocky Mountain Horse: $1,750-4,000

Training to break them out (depending on the horse and the talent of your trainer): $700-1,500

Great riding horse total cost: $2,450-5,500 (better deal)

***Most Mountain Horses that you purchase as "Riding Horses" will cost around $7,000 at least.


Weanling Rocky Mountain Horse: $1,000-2,500

2 years to feed them: $1,000

Training to break them out (depending on horse and trainer talent): $700-$1,500

Great riding horse total cost: $2,700-$5,000

***Most Mountain Horses that you purchase as "Riding Horses" will cost around $7,000 at least.

***You also get the benefit of teaching the baby horse everything it needs to know in life. You won’t have to worry about previous owners having taught it bad habits.

Rocky Mounain Horse brood mare: $3,500-6,000

Cost to "refresh her" in the saddle: $700-1,000

Great riding horse in 2 months time: $4,200-7,000

***Our brood mares have all been ridden quite a bit before they were bred.

***These are mature horses. Some people feel more comfortable on mature horses rather than youngsters.

***If something happens in life that causes you not to be able to ride much, like a busy job, you can simply breed the mare and turn her back out in the pasture. All of Real Horse Farm’s mares are proven producers. You can be certain that you will get a very nice baby out of her that will certainly sell, because Rocky Mountain Horses are a very desired breed.

***If you would like a way to help pay for your habit, you could purchase a brood mare. Even though you are riding her, she can still be producing foals for you.




  Foals Playing

I saw these two colts playing and just couldn’t resist taking their picture. They are best friends. They are always together in the field, and are always up to something!


It’s a Gorgeous Stanton Morning


My First Snow Storm

For Sale–$3,500

This is an unbelievable deal for an unbelievable chocolate mare. My First Snow Storm is the daughter of the well-known Storm Warning, and a Rebel Rock Mare (Snow White). My First Snow Storm is a winner of conformation classes! She has won too many titles to list as a weanling, yearling, and two year old. She is absolutely the sweetest mare you will ever find. She loves people and wishes she could live in the house and sleep on the bed like the dogs do. With a little work, I am certain she could be ridden. She would also make a wonderful broodmare with titles and blood as good as hers. Please call 877-4-A-Rocky for more information, or contact us on FACEBOOK.

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