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What are Real Horse Farm's priorities for breeding horses?

Our number one priority is to breed a horse with a willing, loving disposition. Second is a smooth, four beat gait. Third and fourth are size and conformation. We love to show horses—we have a passion for it. We also realize that most of our clients are looking for good trail horses. As a result, we try to breed versatile horses–ones that will succeed on the trail and in the show ring. We also have taught several of our horses to cut cows. We love to ride on ACTA rides and do group trail rides and of course win in the show ring.


 Do you recommend I buy a mare or a gelding?

In regards to a mare versus a gelding, we recommend the horse that fits you the best all-around. Many times people are so set on a certain sex that they end up missing the perfect horse. Most importantly, pick the horse that you click with personality-wise. Pick a horse that you will enjoy looking at in your field every day because you like their color. If you are a small woman and have a tough time getting your foot in the stirrup, then don't pick a horse that is 16 hands. Vice vera, if you are a 250 pound man, try to pick a larger horse.

Rocky Mountain horse geldings are very amazing creatures, but so are mares. Many Rocky mares are not difficult when they are in heat–they basically act just like geldings. If you are concerned with buying a mare because of her heat cycles, please tell us. We can pick out geldings for you and also mares that cycle quietly.
RHF Miss Kit’s Destiny’s Child


 I just want a trail horse…why does it matter if they have champion bloodlines?

We believe that champion bloodlines are very important. You will notice that the majority of our stock has a champion or two that is closely related. Horse shows are extremely competitive and the horses that win are chosen based on breed standards. By buying a horse with a good pedigree, you will have more peace of mind that it exhibits the breed standards, as well. However, do not buy a horse only for its pedigree. It is very important that you buy a horse for it's all around versatility.

What are the breed standards, you ask? First and most important is disposition. Rockies should be willing and good natured. Second is a smooth, four beat gait. Third and fourth are size and color. They should be between 14 and 16 hands and cannot have a significant amount of white above the knee.


RHF Reality Check 

 What is Real Horse Farm's policy regarding feed and veterinary care?

Please check out these helpful links for lots of information!

The Natural Horse Vet Magazine: http://www.DrDanMag.com
What To Feed Your Horse? http://www.WhatToFeedYourHorse.com
Dr. Dan's Library: http://www.DrDanLibrary.com
The Natural Vet On The Net: http://TheNaturalVet.net


RHF Stop and Stare with her new owner Michelle. 

What is the difference in a "trail horse" and a "show horse"? 

Really, there should not be  difference in dispositions and gaits. The beauty of Rockies is many of our best show horses are our best trail horses. There are not many breeds with a horse so versatile. We frequently trail ride during the week and show on weekends–and the horses excel both places. 

A show horse MIGHT have a little spicier personality, but that is very horse specific. And it is also true that some horses prefer the show ring or a trail.

Both show horses and trail horses should have alot of heart and be willing to work their hardest for their rider.  


 — RHF Now or Never with her new owner, Taryn Obrien. 

Sweet Home Alabama (daughter of Sweet Choco and Copy Cat) 





RHF Train at the World Show

RHF Bellaventura with Stephanie at the World Show a few years ago.

— Best Friends!!

—- Stephanie with RHF Belladonna

—RHF Bellaventura and RHF Belladonna—gosh we love trail riding!!

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  • Julia Knott:

    Hi Stephanie,
    I know that this might be a hard question but, what type of bit have you in your experience liked to use for the Rockies and then what brand of saddle worked best to your knowledge. My rocky is 8 now and love him. He is a little down hill and having a hard time placing the saddle and pad. so I do not feel like I am not falling forward or on my balance point. Any suggestions you might have would be great.
    Thanks so much

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