Adult/Under Saddle For Sale

Our horses are literally some of the BEST in the industry. They are QUALITY. Every one of these horses is an absolutely wonderful horse…we just have too many, so we have to keep some for sale! Contact us today for more deatils about any of our horses! We look forward to speaking with you!

Examples of horses we have raised, trained, and sold to awesome homes:


Scotch by the Rock

Scotch by the Rock is a 9 year old champagne gelding. He is absolutely awesome! He is also a twice UMH World Champion. He has won the Fine Harness World Grand Championship twice. Scotch showed for several years and has won several big awards in addition to those listed. While Scotch is great in the show ring his true talents show themselves on the trail. He has had many, many years of trail riding experience and is a pleasure to ride. He navigates obstacles well and has a big motor. He never quits! Scotch is one of the most friendly, people loving horses we own. His biggest desire in life is to  be loved. Scotch has everything going for him–he is great on the trail, he is wonderful in a show ring, and he is a sweetheart!

ScotchByTheRock1 ScotchByTheRock2 ScotchByTheRock3 ScotchByTheRock4

VBF's Ima Warning

Ima is a 15 hand chocolate mare by International Champion Storm Warning. Like many of her field mates, she absolutely loves people. This mare has birthed several World and International Champions, including Silver Creek Code of Honor and CD's Countdown to Victory.  She is a really good size, not too big and not too small. She is currently one of our best broodmares. This mare would MAKE your breeding program. She is one of the best of the best!!! Ima Warning is sweet and loving. We absolutely adore her, but we are needing to shrink our numbers. Ima is currently beginning a new career as a riding horse. Ima has now been ridden for several months under saddle. She has an AMAZINGLY CALM head on her shoulders. She is SUCH a PLEASURE to ride!



RHF Dawn's Early Light

Dam: Shiloh's Sundown Brandy (daughter of Foundation Sire Kilbourn's Chocolate Sundown)

Sire: Chocolate Venture (World Grand Champion; producer of World Grand Champions)

Dawn's Early Light is a very nice sorrel filly. She is three years old. She has a great gait in the field, and will be an awesome riding horse. Her dam is is Shiloh's Sundown Brandy, who is the daughter of Foundation Sire Kilbourn's Chocolate Sundown. She is the sister of World Grand Champion Mercy Me's dam. Her sire is the World Grand Champion Chocolate Venture. If you want a horse with alot of foundation blood and an awesome style, then this is your girl. This girl adores people and is such a sweetheart!!! If you breed her to a horse a cremello you will very likely get a palomino foal. The foal color possibilities with this mare are endless.

VBF Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden was born on March 3, 2001. She is a big sorrel mare. Her dam is Lady Laddie and her sire is World Grand Champion and International Grand Champion Triple S Iron Man. Iron Maiden has two siblings who are World Grand Champions. Their names are Proud Lady and PR's Smokey Mountain Man. Her other sister is the dam of World Champion Jake's Mirror. Iron Maiden has had two beautiful foals for us, and we are looking forward to more in the future. Iron Maiden is an absolute sweetheart. She is a pleasure to spend time with. Ima is currently being ridden as a riding horse, as she was ridden before she began having foals. Ima has a smooth as glass gait and a wonderful disposition. She is very sure footed on the trails and is just an all around exceptional riding horse! We are so pleased with how special she is under saddle!


Below: RHF Madeira (owned by Color Splash Ranch). Madeira is such a special girl. She was broken out as a two year old filly by her owner Taryn Obrien. Taryn is 14 years old.

Below: RHF The Duchess

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  • Judy Dutruch:

    I am very interested  in the ten year old gelding Sweet Choco. Please give me  a lot of details concerning this guy…I am in Louisiana and cannot come to see him at this time. But, I am looking for a very, VERY good trail horse that will not act up, barn or buddy sour, will ride out alone, or ride in the middle, last, first,etc., NO SPOOKING, traffic safe around highways with big trucks, so spook at wildlife on trailrides, loud noises (how about gun shots)…please fill me in completely…he is gorgeous. Thanks, Judy in Louisiana

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  • Kim Logan:

    Would love a rocky with the look of Sweet CoCos sensation. I have a Rocky already!! I love her!!! I would really like another one. Really Blonde Blonde mane and tail and Real Chocalate coat.
    Kim Logan

  • Kim Logan:

    love Cajun. Is she still avail . If so how much. Have a Rocky now and love her

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